A vision made real – Past, present and future of MPEG

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Why this book?

In a generation, life of the large majority of human beings is incredibly different than the life of the generation before. The ability to  communicate made possible by ubiquitous internet and to convey media content to others made possible by MPEG standards can be mentioned among the most important factors of change. However, unlike internet about which a lot has been written, little is known about the MPEG group besides its name.

This book wants to make up for this lack of information.

It will talk about the radical transformation that MPEG standards wrought to the media distribution business by replacing a multitude of technologies owned by different businesses with a single technology shared by all; the environment in which it operates; the radically new philosophy that underpins this transformation; the means devised to put the philosophy into practice; the industrial and economic impact of MPEG standards; what  new standards are being developed; and what is the future that the author conceives for MPEG as an organisation that plays such an important industrial and social role.

Bottom line, MPEG is about technology. Therefore, the book offers an overview of all MPEG standards and in particular video, audio, media quality, systems and data. This part A vision made real – Past present future of MPEGis for those more (but not a lot more) technology-minded.

Important – there are short Conclusions worth reading.

Download the pdf file of the book A vision made real – Past, present and future of MPEG.

Leonardo Chiariglione

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