The basic aim of the Integrated VIdeo Codec (IVICO) project is to define a family of integrated video codecs for a range of applications encompassing the IBCN scenario, unified by the highest possible degree of commonality of algorithms, hence of integrated circuits implementing those algorithms.

The project organisation has been modelled on this basic aim.

The System Definition WG has the task to define the codec as one element of the IBCN. Considerations of the environment in which the codec operates, impairments due to the network, interfaces, services are the main topics addressed.

The aim of the Algorithm WG is to specify authoritatively video coding algorithms suitable for video coding over a range of appropriate bitrates and quality standards. Practical reasons have suggested the opportunity to split this WG in High bitrate coding (TV and HDTV), Low bitrate coding (for interpersonal communication), Objective Picture Quality and Definition of HDTV Simulation System Specifications.

The Architectures WG has the task to translate the algorithmic concepts into viable architectures for implementation on the technology defined by the VLSI WG.