Leonardo is a PhD in Electrical Communication from the University of Tokyo, a one-time researcher in video compression, a veteran in digital media standards and an entrepreneur.

Everybody should have a mission. In my early professional years, when digital media technologies were still maturing. I saw my mission as helping the development of interoperable digital media technologies for industry to exploit and society to enjoy.

I needed an organisation that would create digital media standards so that consumers could seamlessly communicate and industry operate in a global market of interoperable products, services and applications.

This organisation is the universally known Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), which I conceived in 1987 and established in 1988.

In its 30+ years MPEG has developed 180 standards that cover

  • Video compression (MPEG-1 , -2, -4, AVC, HEVC,…)
  • Audio compression (MP2, MP3, AAC, MPEG-H 3D Audio
  • 3D Graphics compression
  • Systems aspects (Content Encryption, Media Orchestration etc.)
  • Media transport (MPEG-2 Transport Stream, File Format, MMT, DASH etc.

MPEG standards have ushered in the digital media age and support its development, but now MPEG is also applying its compression expertise to other data as well. MPEG-G is the first standard that losslessly compresses DNA reads from high speed sequencing machines with high efficiency.

MPEG is now creating data compression standards that enable industry to develop new products, services and application for consumers to enjoy.

Today a similar mission drives my work as CEO of CEDEO.net, a company with the goal to bring digital media technologies as close as possible to users while sparing them the hassle of actually handling technologies. Emblematic products and services from CEDEO.net are:

WimTV, a service platform for users to offer B2C services such as live and on demandfree and pay video, with subscription and TV-like scheduling, and other B2B services such as trading videos
Stream4U, a live streaming service platform for events attended by a large number of globally distributed viewers, possibly located behind corporate firewalls, and requesting high quality and scalability
TVBridge, an implementation of Multimedia Linking Environment that enables broadcasters to inexpensively develop content and deploy companion screen services without relying on digital television and set top boxes
DNASearch, an MPEG-G compliant  tool for efficient storage, transmission and analysis of files of DNA reads from high-speed sequencing machines. DNA files become liquid: inexpensive storage – immediate transmission – facilitated processing