Professional organisations and governments from several countries have awarded Leonardo a recognition of his achievements

IEEE Standards Association US 2023/12 IEEE SA Lifetime Achievement Award for thought leadership, technological prowess, and seminal contributions in the development and promotion of digital media standards deployed into billions of products and services worldwide.
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences US 2018/10 Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of 30 years of work being founder and chairman of Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and leading the MPEG in setting the worldwide standards for digital video compression and transmission
SMPTE US 2014/10 Honorary Member – Leonardo Chiariglione is generally considered to the be the driving force behind the development of the MPEG set of standards that underpin today’s many digital moving pictures applications.  Chiariglione’s constant push for a simple, standardized moving pictures toolbox began in 1988 with the founding of the ISO MPEG group, and continues to the present day.  Chiariglione has forcefully maintained focus on timely standardization, technical simplicity and efficiency.  The wide adoption of MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, in particular, is apt testimony to the contribution Chiariglione and the MPEG group have made to date.
IET – Institution of Engineering and Technology UK 2012/11 Dr Chiariglione is being awarded the prize in recognition of his pioneering contribution to MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group)
Académies des technologies FR 2008/04 Membre
NAB US 2003/04 Award of Honor – For leadership in the development of international technical standards facilitating worldwide deployment of digital broadcast services
Ordre des arts et des lettres FR 2003/02 Chevalier
SMPTE US 2002/10 James Leitch Gold Medal Award – In recognition of his substantial contributions and pioneering work in digital television
EURASIP CH 2002/09 Meritorious Service Award
Instituto Superior Técnico PT 2001/06 Doctorate “honoris causa”
Eduard-Rhein Foundation DE 1999/10 Award – For stimulating and pushing forward the MPEG standard for coding of moving pictures and associated audio, especially the worldwide acknowledged digital TV standard MPEG-2
IBC UK 1999/09 John Tucker Award- In recognition of his outstanding leadership and unstinting personal contribution to the audio-visual media industry
IEEE US 1999/06 Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award – For technical leadership in the development of the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) international standard for motion video and audio
Kilby Foundation US 1998/10 Award – Italian visionary, technology entrepreneur, world telecommunications leader who is known as the “Father of MPEG,” Moving Pictures Expert Group, which established standards for digitizing and compressing audio and video thus creating the path for worldwide use of HDTV.
Society of Photo-Optical and Instrumentation Engineers US 1998/01 Award – For his leadership, personal contributions, and most importantly his vision in the field of electronic imaging and multimedia technologies. He is being recognised for his outstanding service to the field of multimedia as “Convener” of the international MPEG organization. Under his leadership, the entire MPEG organization and its individual participants continue to make invaluable contributions to the multimedia technologies
International Institute of Communications IT 1997/10 Award – Per aver contribuito in modo fondamentalealla tempestiva creazione di uno standard (MPEG) per la codifica del segnale audiovisivo informa numerica unico fra tutte le nazioni ed utilizzabile, senza confini per lo scambio delle informazioni, da parte del mondo informatico, televisivo e delle telecomunicazioni, creando allo scopo un gruppo internazionale in seno all’ISO attualmente da lui presieduto.
Institute of Electrical Engineers UK 1997/10  J. J. Thompson Award
Information and Communication Society of Japan JP 1995/05 Award – デイジタル動画像号化MPEG-2の国際標方式の実現あなたはデイジタル動画像号化MPEG-2の国際標方式の実現字尽力され多大な成果 あげられましたこの国際標方式は高品質の動画像輪極めて高能率に冗長度縮するものでこの結果動画像処理伝送の広かつ経済的便な応用 可能とした画期的なものでありますこの標化により通信放送蓄の3分野に共通の号化方式が得られたことから動画像 活用するマルチメデイアサビスの展開 促しLSIコ}ピュタ通信デジタル放送広な分野の進歩活性化に寄与するところが極めて大きくその業 はまことに顕著ものがあります