Sometimes Leonardo gets impatient because he sees industry too slow to transfer the benefits of interoperable digital media to society and business. His impatience has led to the creation of two companies with the mission of accelerating the transfer. He is the CEO of both.  
logo_cedeo2_headThe mission of is to conceive, design and implement advanced digital media solutions based on smart combinations of new technologies and standards for the next phase of pervasive media-enabled communication
wimlabsWimLabs’s mission is to promote the matching of demand, supply and distribution of multimedia content and services on the Web using its marketplace, crowdsourcing and digital media streaming solutions

My work as CEO of is to bring digital media technologies as close as possible to users while sparing them the hassle of actually handling technologies. Emblematic products and services from are:


A service platform for users to offer B2C services such as live and on demand, free and pay video, with subscription and TV-like scheduling, and other B2B services such as trading videos.


A live streaming service platform for events attended by a large number of globally distributed viewers, possibly located behind corporate firewalls, and requesting high quality and scalability


An implementation of Multimedia Linking Environment that enables broadcasters to inexpensively develop content and deploy companion screen services without relying on digital television and set top boxes


An MPEG-G compliant tool for efficient storage, transmission and analysis of files of DNA reads from high-speed sequencing machines. DNA files become liquid: inexpensive storage – immediate transmission – facilitated processing