In his professional career, first at CSELT and then at, Leonardo has been involved in many publicly funded R&D projects, either directly or through members of his group/company.

# Project Program Role Title
1 AgentCities IST Partner Testbed for a Worldwide Agent Network Research and Development
2 Aquavit Eurescom Partner Assessment of QUality for Audio-Visual signals over Internet and UMTS
3 Atlantic ACTS Partner Advanced Television at Low bitrates And Networked Transmission over Integrated Communications systems
4 ASVD Finpiemonte Partner Ad-Supported Video Distribution
5 Atman ACTS Prime Digital Audio-Visual Work Trading by ATM
6 Brahms IST Partner BRoadband High data rate Multimedia Satellite
7 BRIC Eureka Partne Broadband and Internet Convergence
8 BRIDGET FP7 Partner BRIDging the Gap for Enhanced broadcasT
9 Brom MIUR Prime Soluzioni Broadcast e Multicast per Educazione Remota
10 COMIS ESPRIT Prime COding of Moving Images for Storage
11 Comiqs ACTS Partner COmmerce through MPEG4 on the Internet with Quality of Service
12 Convergence IST Partner
13 COST 211 COST Partner Redundancy reduction techniques for visual telephone signals
14 Cougar ACTS Partner Coding Optimisation by Unsteadyness, Grain, And Artifact Removal
15 CreSCo Torino Wireless Partner Creation and Streaming of governed Content
16 Diceman ACTS Partner Distributed Internet Content Exchange using MPEG-7 and Agent Negotiations
17 Divine ACTS Partner Deployment of Interpersonal Videoconferencing Systems on IBC Networks
18 Emphasis ACTS Partner Architectures Software and Hardware for Mpeg-4 Systems
19 Europa Eureka Partner End-User Resident Open Platform Architecture
20 Facts ACTS Partner FIPA Agents Communication Technologies and Services
21 Filigrane ESPRIT Partner FlexIbLe IPR for Software AGent ReliANcE
22 GreenICN FP7 Partner Architecture and Applications of Green Information Centric Networking
23 IMS-1 Eurescom Partner Interactive Multimedia Services #1
24 INCA Finpiemonte Partner Interactive Content Architecture
25 IntMed Eurescom Partner Internet Middleware
26 ISIS IST Partner Intelligent Scalability for Interoperable Services
27 IVICO RACE Prime Integrated Video COdec
28 Jupiter I Eurescom Partner Joint Usability, Performability and Interoperability Trials in Europe
29 Jupiter II Eurescom Partner Joint Usability, Performability and Interoperability Trials in Europe
30 Leap IST Partner Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform
31 LIMPID FinPiemonte Partner Live Inducement of Multimodality by Promoting the Internet of Data
32 Mirador ACTS Partner MPEG-4 Intellectual Property Rights by Adducing and Ordering
33 MoMuSys ACTS Partner Mobile Multimedia SYStems
34 Moses IST Partner MPEG Open Security for Embedded Systems
35 MPEG-4
PC ESPRIT Partner Mpeg-4 system implementation and tools for personal computers
36 MSP-DRM Corep Prime Media Streaming Platform DRM
37 Net-Agorà FinPiemonte Partner Condivisione virtuale di esperienze di luoghi
38 NexTV IST Partner New media consumption in Extended interactive TeleVision environment
39 Occamm IST Prime Open Components for Controlled Access to Multimedia Material
40 Octalis ACTS Partner Offer of Content through Trusted Access Links
41 Okapi ACTS Partner Open Kernel for Access to Protected Interoperable Interactive Services
42 Olympic IST Partner Olympics Multimedia Personalised for the Internet Community
43 P64 ESPRIT Partner Multimedia User Interface at the Office Workstation
44 Message Eurescom Partner Development Methodology for Agent-based Telematics Services
45 P921 Eurescom Partner UMTS Radio Access
46 Panorama ACTS Partner Package for New Operational Autostereoscopic Multiview systems and Applications
47 PICA ESPRIT Partner Photographic Image Compression Algorithm
48 Rainbow ACTS Partner Radio Access INdependent Broadband On Wireless
49 SALC Finpiemonte Prime Services à la Carte
50 Sommit ACTS Prime Software Open Multi MedIa Terminal
51 SOMIW ESPRIT Partner Secure Open Multimedia Integrated Workstation
52 Song IST Partner portalS Of New Generation
53 STAGE AAL Partner Video on demand and live streaming platform for the elderly
54 Talisman ACTS Partner Tracing Author’s rights by Labelling InSertion and Monitoring Access Network
55 Tapestries ACTS Partner The Application of Psychological Evaluation to Systems and Technologies in Remote Imaging and Entertainment Services
56 Teschet MIUR Partner Technology System for Cultural Heritage in Tourism
57 UNITEL CEC Partner Unified architecture for the Set-Top Box
58 VADIS Eureka Prime Video Audio Digital Interactive System
59 Venus Eurescom Partner Virtual Environment with Next generation mUltimedia Systems
60 #SVB Finpiemonte Partner Tools to create WebTVs and to manage publication and consumption of multimedia content