5 – The MPEG operation

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Over the years, MPEG has developed a large number of standards and specifications following the principles described in the Chapter MPEG Principles and implemented them in an efficient way. This operational practice obviously respects the general rules laid down in the ISO/IEC directives.

  1. The MPEG organisation describes MPEG’s internal organisation;
  2. Organisation of work describes how the expertise of MPEG participants is organised to develop standards;
  3. How MPEG develops standards describes the specific steps MPEG undertakes to develop standards’
  4. The ecosystem drives MPEG standards explains how MPEG is part of an ecosystem where all participants play a role;
  5. Standardisation and product making compares the task of developing a standard with the task of developing a product;
  6. Standards are living beings explains why publishing a standard is a new beginning, not the end of standardisation work;
  7. Standards and uncertainty concludes that is no recipe to design a guaranteed successful MPEG standard;
  8. MPEG communicates identifies communication as the most important bond keeping the ecosystem together.


Table of contents 4 The MPEG principles 5.1 The MPEG organisation