On his own initiative or, more likely, because he has been asked to, Leonardo produces papers. Below is the (almost) full list, with the most recent publications placed at the top.

For about 10 years Leonardo has also been the Editor-in-chief of Image Communication, a EURASIP technical magazine he founded in 1988.

  1. Roberto Dini, Leonardo Chiariglione; AI and Standard Essential Patents: the MPAI experience; in Digital Single Market and Artificial Intelligence; 2024
  2. Simone Casale-Brunet, Marco Mattavelli, Leonardo Chiariglione
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  4. Marina Bosi,  Sergio Canazza, Alessandro Russo, Niccolò Pretto,  Leonardo Chiariglione.
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    The Audio Engineering Society (AES) International Conference on Audio Archiving, Preservation & Restoration 2023/06/01-03
  5. Andrea Basso, Daniele Bortolozzi, Gianluca Torta, Danilo Pau, Leonardo Chiariglione, Ferruccio Damiani
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  6. Leonardo Chiariglione, Miran Choi, Gerard Chollet, Ferruccio Damiani, Jisu Kang, David Shultens, Mark Seligman, Gianluca Torta, Fathy Yassa
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    MetroCAD 2022
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  9. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Delivering Standards to Industries: The MPEG Case
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    Multimedia Communications: Technologies,
    Services, Perspectives – Part I Technologies and Delivery Systems

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    Multimedia Tools and Applications, Volume 74, Number 2, 2014
  12. Leonardo Chiariglione
    The future is more media convergence
    The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan, 2013/02/12
  13. Leonardo Chiariglione
    特許とMPEG の25 年
    情報処理 Vol.54 No.3 Mar. 2013
  14. Leonardo Chiariglione
    MPEG for the past, present and future of television
    Keynote speech at the Annual Meeting of the USA Advanced Television Systems Committee, 2012/05/08 (English version, Chinese version)
  15. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Standards, IPR and exploitation
    Tokyo, 2010/11/17
  16. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Catering to the sustainable evolution of the digital media foundations
    Ponza, 2010/09/07
  17. Leonardo Chiariglione
    User-centric media – but who is the user?
    Palma de Mallorca, 2010/09/02
  18. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Video broadcast e video su larga banda: incontro, scontro o vite
    La migrazione alla TV Digitale Terrestre tra sfide e opportunità,
    Trento, 2010/04/30
  19. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Standard per il riposizionamento competitivo delle
    imprese nell’economia della conoscenza

    I “neo-beni” per il riposizionamento competitivo delle imprese
    nell’economia della conoscenza
    Roma, 2009/11/12
  20. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Digital media for “analogue” humans
    6th International Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of
    Business Models for Virtual Goods, Poznań, 2008/10/18
  21. Leonardo Chiariglione
    ICT Standards and Business Models
  22. Leonardo Chiariglione
    The Moving Picture Experts Group
    Scholarpedia, 2008/06/16
  23. Leonardo Chiariglione
    The missed award speech
    European Inventor of the Year 2008, 2008/05/06
  24. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Pensieri ed azioni per un’economia
    sostenibile dei media nella società
    Seminario Aperto FUB, Roma, 2008/01/20
  25. Leonardo Chiariglione
    MPEG standard for industry and the masses
    ISO Focus, 2007/06
  26. Leonardo Chiariglione
    A new strategy for a broadband media space
    Eurovision Crossmedia², Lucerne, 2007/05/04
  27. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Jesting at the Savoy court
    Next Generation Networks: regulation and investment, 2007/04/16
  28. Leonardo Chiariglione
    DRM: opening the gate to the information
    society … or shutting it?

    EBU Technical Journal,
    2007 Spring
  29. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Consumer Electronics: what to keep from the past to
    build the future

    ICCE 2007, Las Vegas, 2007/01/12
  30. Leonardo Chiariglione
    MPEG cope with new media technologies?
    The Fourth Symposium on “Intelligent Media Integration for Social
    Information Infrastructure”, Nagoya, 2006/12/07
  31. Leonardo Chiariglione, Phil Merrill
    lIntellectual Property in Digital Media – There is more than meets the eye
    Europe-China Conference on Intellectual Property in Digital Media, Shanghai,
  32. Leonardo Chiariglione, Giacomo Cosenza,
    Roberta Enni, Eugenio Prosperetti, Stefano Quintarelli
    Designing the Foundations of Information
    Society in Italy

    Europe-China Conference on Intellectual Property in Digital Media, Shanghai,
  33. L. Chiariglione
    Digital Rights Management, Interoperability
    and MPEG-21

    IBC News, September 2006
  34. L. Chiariglione
    Putting Digital Rights Management in Context
    in Wenjun Zeng, Heather Yu, and Ching-Yung Lin (Editors):
    Multimedia Security Technologies for Digital Rights Management
  35. L. Chiariglione
    The challenge of choosing for more
    DVB World 2006, 2006/03/02
  36. L. Chiariglione
    An orderly home for digital media
    ISO/IEC/ITU workshop on “Digital technologies in the home”,
    Genève, 2006/03/02
  37. L. Chiariglione
    Media and Rights Management
    OECD Conference: The Future Digital Economy: Digital content – creation,
    distribution, Roma, 2006/01/31
  38. L. Chiariglione
    La liquidità dei mediaMedia
    want to be liquid

    Stato e futuro nel settore ICT
    in Italia, Roma, 2005/12/13
  39. L. Chiariglione
    Balancing Protection of Intellectual Property and its Use
    AXMEDIS Conference, Firenze 2005/11/30
  40. L. Chiariglione
    Shall we ever get to Lisbon?
    15° Congresso das Comunicações, Lisboa, 2005/11/08
  41. L. Chiariglione
    DRM and standards: Déjà vu?
    International Broadscasting Conference, Amsterdam, 2006/09/11
  42. Leonardo Chiariglione
    Ten years of digital media: The easy part?
    Zwanzig Jahre Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, 2005/07/01
  43. L. Chiariglione
    Reshaping the Digital Media Value-Chain – For the Better
    iLaw 2005, Torino, 2005/05/26
  44. L. Chiariglione
    Digital audio and video
    for all

    ISO Focus, 2005/02
  45. L. Chiariglione
    DRM the Saviour of Digital Media – If only
    it were that easy

    Consumer Communication and Networking Conference, Las Vegas, NV, 2005/01/03-06
  46. L. Chiariglione
    The unrelenting advance of video compression
    ISO Focus, 2004/08
  47. L. Chiariglione
    The Role of Digital Media Standards in a Digital World
    UbIT 2004, Seoul, 2004/05/20
  48. L. Chiariglione
    Can have and can use of technology
    VLBV03, Madrid, 2003/09/19
  49. L. Chiariglione
    Vision, history and future of media convergence
    with MPEG

    NAB2003, Las Vegas, NV, 2003/04/07
  50. L. Chiariglione
    Digital media: Can content, business and
    users coexist?

    NAB2003, Las Vegas, NV, 2003/04/06
  51. L.  Chiariglione
    Role of standardisation in the DRM

    DRM Workshop, Brussels, 2003/03/25
  52. L. Chiariglione
    Technology – Content – Society
    IST 2002, Copenhagen, 2002/11/04
  53. L. Chiariglione
    Technology and art – putting things in

    ISMIR, 3rd International Conference on Music Information Retrieval,
    Parsis, 2002/10/16
  54. L. Chiariglione
    MP3 and Beyond: Friend or Foe to the Audio Industry?
    113th AES Convention, Los Angeles, CA, 2002/10/05
  55. L. Chiariglione
    Who wants digital television?
    Prix Italia – NATPE Day, Palermo, 2002/09/19
  56. L. Chiariglione
    I media numerici ed i canali di distribuzione
    Dall’analogico al digitale terrestre: Potenzialità e criticità, Roma,
  57. L. Chiariglione
    Standard technologies to develop
    the multimedia business

    MPEG-4 Conference, Paris 2002/04/24
  58. L. Chiariglione
    Technologies, competition, standards and regulation in communication
    Euro-China 2002, Beijing, 2002/04/16-19
  59. L. Chiariglione
    Dieci anni di media numerici: Riflessioni e spunti per il futuro
    Convegno ISIMM, Roma, 2002/04/08
  60. L. Chiariglione
    Integrating the pieces of the multimedia puzzle: the MPEG-21 project
    Imagina 2002, Monaco, 2002/02/12
  61. L. Chiariglione
    Communication, Interoperability and the Marketplace
    WIVA Conference Torino, 2001/06/08
  62. L. Chiariglione
    Open source in MPEG
    Linux Journal, 2001/03
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    Contenuti e tecnologie IPC (Information, Processing and Communication)
    Corriere della Sera, 2000/12/31
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    Intellectual Property in the Multimedia Framework
    Management of Digital Rights Berlin, 2000/11/20
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    La tecnologia ed i diritti delle opere
    In Autore nella rete, novembre 2000
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    Property in the Multimedia Framework
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    MPEG-21 for a changing media landscape
    Digital Television and New Interactive Services Workshop, Hannover,
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    Network requirements from multimedia applications
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    A framework for electronic commerce of content
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    MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) generation – new information-age
    ISO Bulletin, 2000/09
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    MPEG and the Multimedia Framework
    IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, New York, NY,
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    MPEG and Audio
    Grammy, 2000/07
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    Searching, Delivering, Accessing and Consuming Content
    ICASSP 2000, Istanbul, 2000/06/06
  74. L. Chiariglione
    Taming the net? You must be kidding!
    XVII World Telecommunication Conference, Birmingham, UK 2000/05/09
  75. L. Chiariglione
    The value of content
    MIT Technology Review, 2000/03-04
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    The why and how of the Digital Audio-Visual Council
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    Musica, video ed altro sulla rete
    CSELT News 1999/11
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    The Challenge of Technology for Digital Content Management
    <indecs> Launch Conference, Washington, DC, 1999/11/15
  80. L. Chiariglione
    Intellectual Property Management and Protection Issues in a Multimedia
    Functioning of copyright and neighbouring rights in the digital age,
    Helsinki, 1999/10/28-29
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    FIPA – Intelligent agents from theory
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    Telecom 99, Geneva, 1999/10
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    Technologies for e-content
    WIPO International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Intellectual
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    Lo standard MPEG-4 (The MPEG-4 standard)
    Notiziario Tecnico Telecom Italia, 1999
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    Gli standard MPEG-1 ed MPEG-2
    Notiziario Tecnico Telecom Italia, 1999
  85. L. Chiariglione
    MPEG – Dalla concezione di un’idea ai suoi effetti (MPEG – From the
    conception of the idea to its effects)
    Notiziario Tecnico Telecom Italia, 1999
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    MPEG – Achievement and future projects
    IEEE ICMCS 99, 1999/06/07-11
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    MPEG-4 – The fusion of natural and synthetic audio and video
    Spring Conference in Computer Graphics 99, Budmerice, 1999/05/01
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    MPEG – From the conception of the idea
    to its effects

    ConfTele99, Sesimbra, 1999/04/15
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    Tecnologie per la multimedialità (Multimedia technologies)
    UNINFO Seminar, Milan, 1999/02/26
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    MPEG のなぜ (The why of MPEG)
    Institute of Television Engineers of Japan, 1999
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    Consortia-based standards versus Public-Authority standards
    Keynote speech for 5th Imprimatur Forum, 1998/11/03-04
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    MPEG-4标准 (The MPEG-4 Standard)
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    Content, Networks and Agents for Humans
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    Giornale dell’Associazione Italiana per l’Intelligenza Artificiale,
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    From multimedia communication to communication by agents
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    MPEG(活动图象专家组)和多媒体通信 (MPEG
    and multimedia communications)
    Invited paper to International Symposium on Consumer Electronics,
    Beijing, 1996/11/1-3
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    Information media and information infrastructure
    Open Systems Standards Tracking Report, September 1996
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    Standardisation in a world of converging technologies: the audio-visual
    Invited paper to Audiovisuel et autoroutes, Rennes, 1996/06/18-19
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    The development of the GII: a process driven by producers and consumers
    of information
    Invited paper to Teleport ’96, Tokyo, 1996/05/12-16
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    Global Information Infrastructure or Global Information Communication?
    ISO/IEC/ITU Joint Seminar on Global Information Infrastructure, Geneva,
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    The contribution of new technologies to identification, collective management
    and the battle against piracy
    Milia 96, Cannes, 1996/01
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    for audio-visual works in the digital domain
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    The influence of digital technologies on Intellectual Property Rights
    in the different points of the delivery chain
    Keynote speech for CISAC Symposium, Paris, 1995/10/17-18
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    What is the force driving the GII development?
    FITCE Conference, Vienna, 1995
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    New compression standards
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