13.21 – MPEG-5

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eneral Video Coding (MPEG-5) will contain new video coding specifications.

  1. Part 1 – Essential Video Coding will specify a video codec with two layers. The first layer will provide a significant improvement over AVC but significantly less than HEVC and the second layer will provide a significant improvement over HEVC but significantly less than to VVC.
  2. Part 2 – Low Complexity Video Coding Enhancements will specify a data stream structure defined by two component streams, a base stream decodable by a hardware decoder, and an enhancement stream suitable for software processing implem­entation with sustainable power consumption. The enhancement stream will provide new feat­ures such as compression capability extension to existing codecs, lower encoding and decoding complexity, for on demand and live streaming applications.  Figure 61 sketches an LCEVC decoder.


Figure  61: Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding

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