13.20 – MPEG-IoMT

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Internet of Media Things (MPEG-IoMT) is a suite of specifications:

  1. API to discover Media Things,
  2. Data formats and API to enable communication between Media Things.

A Media Thing (MThing) is the media “version” of IoT’s Things.

The IoMT reference model is represented in  REF _Ref7643046 \h  \* MERGEFORMAT Figure 60.

Figure  60: IoT in MPEG is for media – IoMT

Currently MPEG-IoMT includes 4 parts

  1. Part 1 – IoMT Architecture will specify the architecture
  2. Part 2 – IoMT Discovery and Communication API specifies Discovery and Communication API
  3. Part 3 – IoMT Media Data Formats and API specifies Media Data Formats and API
  4. Part 4 – Reference Software and Conformance is the usual part of MPEG standards
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