8-9th September 1988, Torino, Italy

International Organising Committee

Leonardo Chiariglione



Via G. Reiss Romoli, 274


I-10148 Torino(ITALY)


J. Y. Cochennec



Route de Tregastel


F-22301 Lannion (FRANCE)


Charles N. Judice

Bell Communications Research



435 South Street


Morristown, NJ 07980 (USA)

Don Pearson

University of Essex


Wivenhoe Park




Shaker Sabri

BellNorthern Research


3, Place du Commerce, Ile des Soeurs


Verdun, Quebec (CANADA)



Waseda University


3-4-1, Okubo


Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 (JAPAN)


Toshitaka Tsuda

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.


1015, Kamikodanaka Nakahara-ku


Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211 (JAPAN)


Martin Vetterli

Columbia University


500 West 120th Str.


New York, NY 10027-2481 (USA)


Hiroshi Yasuda



1-2356 Take


Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 238-03 (JAPAN)


National Organising Committee

F. Cappuccini

Università La Sapienza

G.F. Barbieri


F. Bertoldi


L. Chiariglione


S. Miceli


The Symposium is supported by: CSELT, IIC (Organisation), ISPT-FUB and RAI



Wednesday, 7 Sept. 1988

16.00-20.00 Registration (Jolly Ambasciatori Hotel)

Thursday, 8 Sept. 1988


9.00-9.15Opening Remarks: D.E.Pearson, Univ. of Essex, UK.

9.15-12.15 Session A: Networking Issues for Real Time Services

Chairman: J.Y.Cochennec, CNET, France.

A1: Broadband ISDN, whither ATM?

M.Decina, Politecnico di Milano, Italy (invited paper).

A2: ATM networks: State of the Art,

J.P.Coudreuse, CNET, France (invited paper).

A3: On network protocol for multimedia services over mobile communication network system

E.Kamagata, N.Komatsu and H.Tominaga, Waseda University, Japan.

A4: Soft protocols for packet video,

R.Forchheimer and T.Kronander, Linkoeping University, Sweden.

A5: Packet video and its integration into the network architecture,

G.Karlsson and M.Vetterli, Columbia University, USA.

A6: Multiplexing VBR video codecs,

P.Boyer, J.Boyer and J.Roberts, CNET, France.

14.15-17.00 Session B:Video Coding

Chairman: H.Yasuda, NTT, Japan.

B1: The RACE european projects about coding,

Y.M.Le Pannerer, Thomson-LER, France (invited paper).

B2: Interframe extension of the ISO still picture coding algorithm and applications to packet network,

L.Contin, L.Corgnier and L.Masera,CSELT, Italy.

B3: An adaptive coding procedure for packetized video images including still and moving pictures,

H.Jozawa and H.Tominaga, Waseda University, Japan.

B4: Universal coding of transform coefficients for packet video applications,

J.P.Leduc, J.P.Choffray, P.Delogne and B.Macq, University of Louvain, Belgium.

B5: Progressive image transmission using variable-size packets,

S.Elnahas and E.Vogel, GTE Lab. Inc., USA.

B6: Error recovery procedures for packetized interframe video coding,

M.Ohta, H.Suzuki and T.Omachi, C&C Res. Lab. NEC, Japan.

17.00-19.00Cultural visit (Oeno-Museum, Martini & Rossi)

20.00-… Banquet (Ristorante “Bondì Cerea”’)

Friday, 9 Sept. 1988

8.30-9.00 Coffee

9.00-12.30 Session C: Packet Video Systems

Chairman: C.Judice, Bellcore, USA.

C1: Trends in packetized multimedia communication network technologies in Japan,

Y.Terada, NTT, Japan (invited paper).

C2: Television compression algorithms and transmission on packet networks,

R.C.Brainard and J.H.Othmer, AT&T Bell Labs, USA.

C3: A packet video system using the dynamic time division multiplexing technique,

H.J.Chao and C.A.Johnston, Bell Communications Research, USA.

C4: An application of packet video to local area networks,

E.Hotta and F.Kishino, NTT Laboratories, Japan.

C5: VBR video transmission over an Orwell slotted ring,

M.D.Carr, J.L.Adams, M.Ghanbari, D.E.Pearson, H.S.Chin, J.W.Goodge, J.W.R.Griffiths

and D.J.Parish, British Telecom, Univ. of Essex and Univ. of Loughborough, UK.

C6: Transparent bridge for multicast packet network,

R.Ansari, S.H.Lee and D.J.Le Gall, Bell Communications Research, USA.

C7: Digital video multiplexing techniques for manned space missions,

R.Viola and F.Gomez Molinero, European Space Agency, The Netherlands.

C8: The Olivetti PANDORA project,

A.Hopper, D.Milway and I.Wilson, Olivetti Research, England.

14.15-17.30Session D: Variable Bitrate and Error Protection

Chairman: L.Chiariglione, CSELT, Italy.

D1: VBR video coding and ATM switching: a Bell-RC lab experiment,

W.Verbiest and M.De Somer, BTM-Alcatel, Belgium (invited paper).

D2: Performance analysis of a variable rate video coder for packet networks,

N.Dal Degan, E.Franzini and E.Marcozzi, Italtel, Italy.

D3: Statistical behaviour of VBR-coded television pictures,

M.Ghanbari and D.E.Pearson, Univ. of Essex, UK.

D4: Statistics of the video signals for viewphone typepictures,

H.S.Chin, J.W.Goodge, J.W.R.Griffiths and D.J.Parish, Univ. of Loughborough, UK.

D5: Improvement of picture quality by a variable rate coding,

T.Tsuda and S.Maki, Fujitsu Labs. Ltd, Japan.

D6: Hierarchical coding for packet loss protection,

J.Katto, S.Kato and Y.Yasuda, University of Tokyo, Japan.

D7: Layered packet-loss protection for variable rate video coding using DCT,

M.Nomura, T.Fujii and N.Ohta, NTT Laboratories, Japan.

Note:Invited papers are allocated 40 min. (30 min. presentation and 10 min. question and discussion time).

Regular papers are allocated 25 min. (15 min. presentation and 10 min. question and discussion time).