15th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics

28 April - 1st May 1999
Budmerice, Slovakia



Monte-Carlo Global Illumination Methods State of the Art and New Developments
László Szirmay-Kalos
pp. 3-21; size 121 kB; after decompression 561 kB

Architectures for Global Ilumination
Jiří Sochor
pp. 22-33; size 248 kB; after decompression 5703 kB

Mesh Reduction and Interactive Multi-Resolution Modeling on Arbitrary Triangle Meshes
Hans-Peter Seidel, Campagna S., Kobbelt L., Schneider R., Vorsatzs J.
pp. 34-44; size 77 kB; after decompression 227 kB

MPEG-4 - The fusion of natural and synthetic audio and video
Leonardo Chiariglione
pp. 45-64; size 731 kB; after decompression 2006 kB


Real-Time Animation of Objects Modelled using Constructive Solid Geometry
John O'Loughlin, Carol O'Sullivan
pp. 67-73; size 72 kB; after decompression 501 kB

Siyka Zlatanova
pp. 74-82; size 1264 kB; after decompression 2785 kB

Real-Time Collision Detection and Response Using Sphere-Trees
Carol O'Sullivan, John Dingliana
pp. 83-92; size 91 kB; after decompression 357 kB

Smooth View-Dependent Rendering in Animations
Axel Friedrich, Konrad Polthier, Markus Schmies
pp. 93-98; size 528 kB; after decompression 6368 kB


Visualization of Genetic Algorithms in a Learning Environment
Marek Obitko, Pavel Slavík
pp. 101-106; size 131 kB; after decompression 631 kB

Easi2Vis: User-Centered Scientific Visualization for the Word Wide Web
Markus Bock, Helmut Haase
pp. 107-115; size 1315 kB; after decompression 6726 kB

Volume Approach to Contour Based Data
Roman Kotrec
pp. 116-122; size 1421 kB; after decompression 2542 kB


The Magic Mirror: A Metaphor for Assisting the Exploration of Virtual Worlds
Jérôme Grosjean, Sabine Coquillart
pp. 125-129; size 323 kB; after decompression 3487 kB

Multiple Views and Magic Mirrors - fMRI Visualization of the Human Brain
Andreas König, Helmut Doleisch, Eduard Gröller
pp. 130-139; size 2842 kB; after decompression 21558 kB

Semantic Constraints for Scene Manipulation
Michael Gösele, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
pp. 140-146; size 124 kB; after decompression 2179 kB


Introducing Multiresolution Representation in Deformable Object Modeling
Fabio Ganovelli, Paolo Cignoni, Roberto Scopigno
pp. 149-158; size 119 kB; after decompression 386 kB

A Nonrestricted Triangulation Hierarchy for Multiresolution Terrain Model
M. J. Abásolo, J. Blat, A. De Giusti
pp. 159-168; size 100 kB; after decompression 678 kB


Rectilinear BSP Trees for Preferred Ray Sets
Vlastimil Havran, Jiří Bittner
pp. 171-179; size 921 kB; after decompression 7551 kB

Accurate Scene Display by Using Visibility Maps
J. Grasset, O. Terraz, J.-M. Hasenfratz, D. Plemenos
pp. 180-186; size 168 kB; after decompression 1199 kB

Dynamic Visibility in the Plane
Karel Nechvíle, Petr Tobola
pp. 187-194; size 39 kB; after decompression 124 kB


Statistical Template Matching for Translation of Braille
C M Ng, Vincent Ng, Y Lau
pp. 197-200; size 172 kB; after decompression 410 kB

Iterated Function Systems and Non Affine Transformations: Examples in 2D and 3D
Huw Jones, Magnus Moar
pp. 201-209; size 9 kB; after decompression 24 kB

An Algorithm for the Synthesis of Natural Constrained Shapes
Giovanni Gallo, Salvatore Riccobene, Salvatore Spinello
pp. 210-218; size 16 kB; after decompression 86 kB


New Fast Line Clipping Algorithm in E2 with O(lg N) Complexity
Duc Bui Hui, Václav Skala
pp. 221-228; size 196 kB; after decompression 697 kB

Genetic Approach to Data Dependent Triangulations
Ivana Kolingerová
pp. 229-238; size 643 kB; after decompression 1383 kB

A Simple Polygon Splitting Algorithm
Boris Cigale, borut Žalik
pp. 239-246; size 167 kB; after decompression 1359 kB

On the Coons Bodies
Valent Zako, Zuzana Mederlyová
pp. 247-253; size 67 kB; after decompression 175 kB

Improvement of Oliva's Algorithm for Surface Reconstruction from Contours
Petr Felkel, Štěpán Obdržálek
pp. 254-263; size 26 kB; after decompression 58 kB

Rational Bezier Patches with Prescribed Angular Properties
Johann Lang
pp. 264-269; size 127 kB; after decompression 393 kB