The Open DRM Technology Workshop

& Matching Grant For Innovative Application Of DRM Technology Presentation

Tentative Program Rundown


Topic "Manage rights by software - that is open source"
Date 29 January 2007 (Monday)
Venue Training Room 1-3, Cyberport 3, Level 3, Hong Kong
Time  10:00am - 12:30pm



9:30a.m.   Reception Begins  
10:00a.m    Welcome Speech David Chung / David Chan (Cantonese)
10:05a.m. 11:00a.m. Speech Leonardo Chiariglione, Ph. D. (English)
11:05a.m   Break with Refreshment  
11:15:a.m. 12:00a.m Demo, Q&A Tiejun Huang, Ph. D.
12:05p.m 12:30p.m. Presentation of DRM Matching Grant (Cantonese)  
12:30p.m    Group Photos / Reporter interview with Leonardo  
12:35p.m   Event Ends