MobiMedia 2006
2nd International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference
18-20 September 2006 :: Alghero, Sardinia, Italy



Jointly sponsored by: Create-Net, ICST, EU-E2, ACM SIGADA


18th September 2006, Monday


Keynote Speech - Future Standards for Mobile Multimedia by Leonardo Chiariglione


P1: Regular Papers Poster Session (with Coffee break)

Evaluation of the Residual Packet Loss Rate Using Packet Level FEC for Delay Constrained Media Network Transport - Xunqi Yu, James W. Modestino, Dian Fan

Error Correcting Arithmetic Coding for JPEG 2000: Memory and Performance Analysis - S. Zezza¤, M. Grangetto¤, M. Martina¤, F. Vacca, G. Masera¤

A Simple Distributed Coding Algorithm for Sensor Networks - Riccardo Bernardini, Roberto Rinaldo

Broadcasting of Digital Cimema Streams over Wireless Channels: A Power-based Unequal Error Protection approach - Maurizio Murroni

A Smoothing Algorithm for Time Slicing DVB‑H Video Transmission with Bandwidth Constraints - Pietro Camarda, Giovanni Tommaso Carone, Domenico Striccoli

Study of the QoS of Video Traffic over Integrated 3GWLAN Systems - Ilias Politis, Michail Tsagkaropoulos, Tasos Dagiuklas, Stavros Kotsopoulos

Motion Driven Adaptive Transform Based on Wavelet Transform for Enhanced Video Coding - Nikola Sprljan, Marta Mrak, Ebroul Izquierdo

A Slepian-Wolf Based Cross layer scheme suitable to sensor networks - Arulsaravana Jeyaraj, Syed Jafar, Magda El Zarki

DelayEDD-HCCA and RT-HCCA: two new IEEE 802.11e schemes based HCCA supporting Real-time applications - Wafa Berrayana, Ryad Ben El-Kezadri, Farouk Kamoun, Guy Pujolle

Phase-Only Transform Based Shaping for Error Concealment Coding - Lihong Ma, Guifeng Cheng, Zhijian Wu, Xiaoxi Luo,Hanqing Lu

Joint Source-Channel Coding for Scalable Video Atomic Bitstream by Adaptive Turbo Code - Naeem Ramzan, Ebroul Izquierdo



Session 1: Video Coding for Wireless Communication Channels

Session Chair: Luigi Atzori

Perceptually Adaptive Joint Deringing - Deblocking Filtering for Scalable Video Coding – Shuai Wan, Marta Mrak, Ebroul Izquierdo

A Weighted Layered Broadcasting Scheme for Scalable Video Transmission with Multiple Site Reception – Tiago Gasiba, Thomas Stockhammer, Wissam Abdel Samad, Wen Xu, Hrjove Jenkac, Thomas Schierl

Multiple Description Video Coding by Coefficients Ordering and Interpolation – Nicola Conci, Francesco De Natale

Bit-stream Allocation Methods for Wavelet Based Scalable Video Coding - Toni Zgaljic, Nikola Sprljan, Ebroul Izquierdo

Video Streaming in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks - Thomas Schierl, Karsten Gänger, Cornelius Hellge, Karsten Grüneberg, Detlev Marpe, Thomas Stockhammer, and Thomas Wiegand

 (Invited Paper)




Session 2: Multimedia Communication over Mobile Wireless Networks

Session Chair: Pascal Frossard

Video Transmission Over Wireless Networks: Rate Control For Bursty Trhoughput Channels - Maria Teresa Carta, TatianaOnali, Nicola Aste, Luigi Atzori

Rake Performance For DS And TH Based UWB System In A Multipath Channel - Annalisa Durantini, Romeo Giuliano, Franco Mazzenga

Adaptive FEC for 802.11 Burst Losses Reduction - Silvio Lucio Oliva, Gabriella Convertino

Interference Evaluation for a Cellular System Based on OFDMA - Cristiano Monti, Romeo Giuliano, Franco Mazzenga, Pierpaolo Loreti



Coffee Break


Special Session 1: 4G Forthcoming Standards and Mobile Multimedia Services

Session Chair: Claudio Sacchi

Turbo Techniques for Joint Source-Channel Decoding of Multimedia Content - Xavier Jaspar, Luc Vandendorpe (Invited Paper)

Distributed Flow Admission Control for Real-Time Multimedia Services over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks - Viraj Ambetkar, Paul Bender, Jianing Ma, Yong Pei, James W. Modestino

On the interference of Ultra Wideband Devices on Fixed Wireless Systems in a Distributed Scenario - Gianluca Guidoni, Romeo Giuliano, Franco Mazzenga

Location/Situation-Aware Architecture for Mobility Management over Heterogeneous Networks - Ernestina Cianca, Antonella Molinaro, Mauro De Sanctis, Antonio Iera, Giuseppe Araniti, Marina Ruggieri (Invited Paper)

The Effect of Narrowband Interference on ML Fractional Frequency Estimator for OFDM - Mohamed Marey, Heidi Steendam

Situation-Aware Radio Resource Management for Multi-Rate MC-CDMA Wireless Networks Targeted at Multimedia Data Exchanges in Local Areas - Leandro D’Orazio, Claudio Sacchi, Fabrizio Granelli, Francesco G.B. De Natale



Gala Dinner/Banquet  (at the Conference Hotel)



19th September 2006, Tuesday


Keynote Speech - Integrating knowledge and content processing" by Albert Gauthier (Unit INFSO. E2, European Commission)


Special Session 2-A: Automatic Annotation And Retrieval Of Multimedia Content

Session Chair: Ebroul Izquierdo

Efficient Shape Recognition Method Using Novel Metric for Complex Polygonal Shapes - Vesna Zeljkovic, Robert B. Vincelette, Marko Savic

Human Expert Modelling Using Semantics-Oriented Video Retrieval for Surveillance in Hard Industry - Pavel Praks, Jindrich Cernohorsky, Vojtech Svatek

Relevance Feedback for Image Retrieval in Structured Multi-Feature Spaces - Divna Djordjevic, Ebroul Izquierdo

Semantic Concept Extraction from Sports Video for Highlight Generation - M. H. Kolekar, S. Sengupta

An Overview of Video Shot Clustering and Summarization Techniques for Mobile Applications - Nicola Adami, Sergio Benini, Riccardo Leonardi




Coffee break


Special Session 2-B: Automatic Annotation And Retrieval Of Multimedia Content

Session Chair: Ebroul Izquierdo

Image Classification using Biologically Inspired Systems - Tomas Piatrik, Krishna Chandramouli, Ebroul Izquierdo

A learning approach to semantic image analysis - G. Papadopoulos, P. Panagis, S. Dasiopoulou, V. Mezaris, I. Kompatsiaris

Optimising Layout of Video Summaries for Mobile Devices using Visual Attention Modelling - Janko Calic and Neill Campbell

Priority Coding for Video-telephony Applications based on Visual Attention - Nicolas Tsapatsoulis, Konstantinos Rapantzikos, Yannis Avrithis

Attention Guided Football Video Content Recommendation on Mobile Devices - Reede Ren, Joemon M. Jose




Session 3: Image and Video Processing for Mobile Multimedia

Session Chair: Ozgur B. Akan

An Affine Symmetric Approach to Natural Image Compression - Heechan Park, Abhir Bhalerao, Graham R. Martin, Andy C. Yu

Low Complexity Concealment Of H.264/AVC Encoded Video For DVB-H Devices - Susanna Spinsante, Ennio Gambi, Damiano Falcone, Stefano Morichetti

Variable Frame Rate Video for Mobile Devices – Vittorio Barboncini, Domenico Ciavatta,  Giancarlo Gaudino, Renzo Felice, Giovanni Iacovoni, FabioUbaldi

Perceptual Watermarking Using Just Noticeable Difference Model Based on Block Classification - Ivan Damnjanovic, Ebroul Izquierdo



P2: Work in Progress Papers Poster Session  (with Coffee break)

A Framework for Providing Adaptive Sports Video to Mobile Devices - Cunxun Zang, Qingshan Liu, Xiaofeng Tong, Hanqing Lu

Fast Rate-Distortion Optimization in the H.264/AVC Standard - Tea Anselmo, Daniele Alfonso

UWB Interference Mitigation Technique on UMTS Terminal in Noncooperative

Scenario - Annalisa Durantini, Romeo Giuliano, Franco Mazzenga, Jorge Hernandez

A multi-agent based system for affective Peer-E-Learning - Mohamed BEN AMMAR, Mahmoud NEJI

Fractal Coding of Color Images using Earth Mover’s Distance - Daniele D. Giusto, Maurizio Murroni, Giulio Soro

Mobile Services for Horse-Race Betting - A QoS Study of Streaming Horse-Race Videos to 3G Phones -Pål Backe, Anita Andersen, Thomas Plagemann, Anders Spilling

Efficient Scrambling of Wavelet-based Compressed Images - A comparison between simple techniques for mobile applications - Giaime Ginesu, Tatiana Onali, Daniele D. Giusto

A Framework for Enhanced QoS Support in IEEE802.11e Networks - Gabriele Cecchetti,

Anna L. Ruscelli

Open Loop Transcoding Using Perceptually Adaptive Requantization of DCT Coefficients - Francesco Bertagnolli, Matteo Lanati, Lorenzo Favalli, Francesco Gruppi

Performance Evaluation of a Channel Estimator Applied in SFBC MIMO Systems for W-MANs - A.D. Marousis, P. Constantinou