Functioning of copyright and neighbouring rights in the digital age

Wednesday, October 27
Arrival of the participants
Registration at the hotel
20.00 Informai buffet dinner at the Vaakuna Dining
Thursday, October 28
8.30 Registration at the Old Harbour
10.00 Opening of the Conference
Opening Speech:
Mr Jukka Liedes, Special Govemment Advisor, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
Opening Specch:
Mr Jórg Reinbothe, Head of Unit, Intemal Market Directorate-General, European Commission
10.30 First Working Session
Evolution of Conditions of Contracts and Licenses Conceming Digital Use.
Mme Hélčne de Montluc, Head of the Office for the Literary and Artistic Property, Ministry of Culture and Communications, France
Mr Peter Schonning, Lawyer, Lawfirm Nyborg & Rordam, Denmark
Mr Thierry Desunnont, Deputy Director General, SACEM, France
Electronic publishing
Mr Arie Jongejan, Managing Director, Elsevier Science, the Netherlands
Ms Tarja Koskinen-Olsson, Chief Executive Officer, Kopiosto, Finland
Dr Nils Bortloff, Legal Adviser, Intemational Federation of the Phonographic Industry IFPI, Gerrnany
Audiovisual, film
Mr John Enser, Partner, Olswang, UK
13.00 Lunch at the old Harbour
14.30 Second Working Session
Technological Protection Systems and Rights Management Information - State of the Art
Chair: Mr Helge Sřnneland, Director General, Ministry of Culture, Norway
Presentations on Technical Protection Systems
Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione, Division Head, Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni, Italy
IT/communications/consumer electronics
Mr Jeff Campbell, Head Technologist, Compaq, USA
Audiovisual and music
Ms Alessandra Silvestro, Vice-President, Legal Affairs, Time Wamer Europe, Italy
Presentation of the systems of Rights Management Inforination
Mr Keith Hill, Strategy & Development Manager, MCPS - PRS Alliance, UK
20.00 Dinner at restaurant Sipuli
Frěday, October 29
9.30 Third Working Session
Liability and the Institution of Blocking (Notice & Take-down).
Mr Mihály Ficsor, Former Assistant Director General of WIPO, Hungary
Ms Shira Perlmutter, Consultant on Copyright and Electronic Commerce, WIPO
Ms Janet Henderson, Rights Strategy Manager, British Telecommunications, UK
Mr Jaakko Fredman, Managing Director, Finnish Composers' Intemational Copyright Bureau Teosto, Finland
Mr Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, Chairman of EuroISPA, France
Mr Roberto Cappelli, Partner in the lawfirm Grimaldi and Clifford Chance, Italy
Ms Rosa Juliŕ-Barceló, Professor, Balearic Islands University, Spain
12.30 Lunch at the Old Narbour
14.00 Fourth Working Session
Applicable Law in the Digital Environment.
Mr Vittorio Ragonesi, Judge at the Supreme Court, Italy
Contractual obligations
Mr Richard Fentiman, Director of Law Studies, Queen's College, UK
Non-contractual obligations:
Prof. André Lucas, University of Nantes, France
16:30 Closing of the Conference