Thursday, April 15

Invited Talks (Ballroom)

1st Invited TalkThursday, April 15, 10:15 - 10:55

MPEG: From the Conception of the Idea to its Effects

Leonardo Chiariglione, CSELT, Italy.

2nd Invited Talk Thursday, April 15, 11:25 - 12:05

Ultra High-Capacity Photonic Transport Networks

Paul Lagasse, Piet Demeester, Ann Ackaert, B. Van Caenegem, W. Van Parys, Univ. of Ghent – IMEC, Belgium

Oral Sessions

Session TM1
Room: Melissa

  • Topic: Estimation and Detection: Theory and Applications
  • Chairpersons: S. Faria, IP Leiria/IT, J. Leitão, IST/IT,Portugal
  • 14:30 Satellite Altitude Estimation Using GPS Carrier Phase, J. O. Costa, J. Leitão, IST/IT,Portugal

    14:50 Phase Estimation in Mobile Comm-unications and Navigation, R. Castro, J. Leitão, IST/IT, Portugal

    15:10 Series Representation of the Statistics of Certain Carrier Phase and Timing Estimators, G. Tavares, IST/INESC, L. Tavares, IP Beja/INESC, M. Piedade, IST/INESC,Portugal

    15:30 A Fast Phase Acquisition Receiver for Nongeostationary Orbit Satellites, F. Nunes, J. Leitão, IST/IT, Portugal

    15:50 Parameter Estimation in Multipath Environments,P. Oliveira, E. Naval, V. Barroso, IST/ISR, Portugal

  • Session TM2
    Room: Valeriana

  • Topic: Antennas and Electromagnetic Interference
  • Chairpersons: J. Bergmann, CETUC, Brazil, J. R. Pereira, UA/IT, Portugal
  • 14:30 Adaptive Array Antenna with Electronically Steerable Beam, J. Fernandes, J. R. Pereira, P. Jesus, José Ferreira, UA/IT, Portugal

    14:50 Improving the Design of Dielectric Lens Antennas for Millimetre Wave Communications, L. Anunciada, M. Filipe, C. Fernandes, IST/IT, Portugal

    15:10 A Reflector Antenna Design for Omnidirectional Service Compliance, J. Bergmann, F. Hasselmann, L. Pereira, M. Branco, CETUC, Brazil

    15:30 Equivalent Source Method for Diagnosis and Radiated EMI Measurement, F. Las-Heras, ETSIT/UPM, Spain

    15:50 The Performance of the Lisbon International Airport ILS in the Presence of Mobile Communications Interference, P. Vitor, IST, E. Cardoso, R. Guerra, C. Silva, C. Bastos, ANA, K. Tam, Univ. Macau, Portugal

  • Session TM3
    Room: Veronica

  • Topic: Instrumentation and Electronics for Telecommunications
  • Chairpersons:M. Piedade, IST/INESC, A. Serra, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 14:30 Dithering in A/D Converters: A Compromise Between Resolution and Bandwidth, J. D. Pereira, IP Setúbal/IT, A. Serra, P. Girão, IST/IT, Portugal

    14:50 Dynamic Characterization of Analog to Digital Converters, R. C. Martins, A. Serra, IST/IT, Portugal

    15:10 The Effect of Phase Shift Position on the Characteristics of InGaAsP QWS Distributed Feedback Laser Diodes,C. F. Fernandes, IST/IT, Portugal

    15:30 A High-Gain, High-Bandwidth Receiver for Atmospheric Optical Communications, A. Carreiró, IT, R. Aguiar, UA/IT, E. Vasconcelos, IT, D. Santos, UA/IT, C. Lomba, ENT, Portugal

    15:50 Spread Spectrum Transceiver for Basic Rate ISDN Signals, A. Gameiro, J. Matos, J. Pereira, P. Silva, D. Rodrigues, E. Gomes, UA/IT, Portugal

  • Session TM4
    Room: Ballroom

  • Topic: Mobile Communications
  • Chairpersons:B. Fernandes, SIEMENS, Germany, L. Correia, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 14:30 Mobile Communications in the 21st Century, B. Fernandes, SIEMENS, Germany

    14:50 Spatial and Temporal Traffic Distributions Models for GSM, S. Almeida, J. Queijo, L. Correia, IST/IT, Portugal

    15:10 Dynamic Channel Allocation Techniques: A Comparative Study, V. Santos, UA/IT, M. Dinis, CET/PT, J. Neves, UA/IT, Portugal

    15:30 New Calls Traffic Performance in Microcellular Mobile Broadband Systems with High Mobility Handover, F. Velez, UBI/IT, L. Correia, IST/IT, Portugal

    15:50 Wideband Channel Modeling for Picocellular Mobile Communications, P. Marques, IP Castelo Branco, J. Fernandes, J. Neves, UA/IT, Portugal

  • Session TA1
    Room: Melissa

    Topic: Signal Processing

  • Chairpersons: P. Ferreira, UA, M. Figueiredo, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 16:40 A Model for the Oversampled Received Signal in a WSS-US Transmission Environment, E. Pinto, IME, M. Grivet, CETUC, Brazil

    17:00 Blind Channel Identification Using the Propagator Operator, M. Frikel, V. Barroso, J. Xavier, IST/ISR, Portugal

    17:20 EnhancedBlind Direct Zero-Forcing Equalization of MIMO Channels, J. Xavier, V. Barroso, IST/ISR, Portugal

    17:40 Multichannel Lattice Filtering Based on Parallel Scalar Modules, J. Gomes, V. Barroso, IST/ISR, Portugal

    18:00 Monitoring Moving Targets Using SAR Images, P. A. Marques, ISEL, J. B. Dias, IST/IT, Portugal

  • Session TA2
    Room: Valeriana

    Topic: Soliton Communication Systems

  • Chairpersons: J. Salcedo, ENT, C. Paiva, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 16:40 A New Numerical Method for Multichannel Soliton Amplification in Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers, J. R. Costa, C. Paiva, A. Barbosa, IST/IT, Portugal

    17:00 A New Design Procedure to Select Optimal Dispersion Maps for WDM Soliton Communication Systems, F. Janeiro, A. Topa, C. Paiva, IST/IT, Portugal

    17:20 Effect of Intermodal Dispersion on Soliton Switching in Twin-Core Nonlinear Fiber Couplers, P. Ramos, C. Paiva,IST/IT, Portugal

    17:40 Bit-error Rate Evaluation in Soliton Systems, A. Pinto, J. Rocha, P. André, J. Pinto, UA/IT, Portugal

    18:00 Short Optical Pulses Generation by Gain Switching of a DFB Laser Diode, A. Pinto, P. André, J. Pinto, J. Rocha, UA/IT, Portugal

  • Session TA3
    Room: Veronica

  • Topic: Microwave and Millimetre Wave Electronics
  • Chairpersons: L. Fernandes, E3G, J. Pedro, UA/IT, Portugal
  • 16:40 A New Active Device Model Approximation Suitable for a Nonlinear Frequency Domain Simulator, N. Carvalho, J. Pedro, UA/IT, Portugal

    17:00 Highly Efficient MMIC Class-F Power Amplifier, L. Gomes, TELECEL, J. Pedro, N. Carvalho, UA/IT, Portugal

    17:20 A 3.3V, 1.8GHz CMOS Down Conversion Image-Rejection Mixer, F. Azevedo, F. Fortes, ISEL/IT, M. Rosário,IST/IT, Portugal

    17:40 Microstrip Diplexer for a Mobile Communications Systems, B. Barilese, IT, C. Peixeiro, IST/IT, Portugal

    18:00 Radiofrequency Systems of a Cellular Network of Digital Television and Broadband Interactive Services at 42GHz,A. Arriaga, M. López, R. García, A. Saiz, R. Maza, T. Fernández, J. L. Garcia, Univ. of Cantabria, Spain

  • Session TA4
    Room: Ballroom

    Topic: Performance of CDMA Systems

  • Chairpersons: A. G. Correia, IST/CAPS, A. Rodrigues, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 16:40 MC-CDMA Performance in the Presence of Timing Errors, H. Steendam, M. Moeneclaey, Univ. of Ghent, Belgium

    17:00 Analysis of Performance for a Multicarrier CDMA System, E. Gurjão, M. Alencar, Univ. Federal Paraíba, Brazil

    17:20 Forward Link MC-CDMA System Performance with Intercell Interference, M. Nunes, J. Santos, A. Rodrigues, IST/IT, Portugal, J. Punt, H. Nikokaar, R. Prasad, Delft Univ. of Technology, The Netherlands

    17:40 Simplified Radio Interface for CDMA with TCH Codes, L. Antunes, F. Cercas, IST/IT, Portugal

    18:00 WidebandCDMA With Blind Interference Cancellation, A. Correia, F. Cercas, A. Rodrigues, IST/IT, Portugal

  • Friday, April 16

    Invited Talks (Ballroom)

    3rd Invited Talk Friday, April 16, 09:00 - 09:40

    Global Wireless Personal Communications

    J. Schwarz da Silva, B. Barani, DG XIII, EC, Belgium

    4th Invited Talk Friday, April 16, 09:40 - 10:20

    Innovation - The Key to Compete in a Global Telecommunications Market

    Paulo Nordeste, PT, Portugal

    Oral Sessions

    Session FM1
    Room: Melissa

    Topic: Visual Information Processing and Coding

  • Chairpersons: L. Corte Real, INESC, F. Pereira, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 10:50 Empirical Bayes Wavelet Denoising Using Jeffreys' Prior, M. Figueiredo, IST/IT, Portugal,R. Nowak, Michigan State Univ., USA

    11:10 Non-Linear Diffusion for Color Image Segmentation, R. Pires, P. Smet, Univ. of Ghent, Belgium

    11:30 Using Independent Components in Natural Image Coding, A. Puga, A. Alves, FEUP/INESC, Portugal

    11:50 QoS Filters for Flexible Digital TV Services, P. Assunção, IP Leiria, Portugal

    12:10 The IST MPEG-4 Facial Animation System, G. Abrantes, F. Pereira, IST /IT, Portugal

  • Session FM2
    Room: Valeriana

    Topic: Optical Components and Systems

  • Chairpersons: J. Rocha, UA/IT, A. Cartaxo, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 10:50 Comparison Between n+-InP and Semi-Isolating Substrates in Reducing the Cross-Talk in Integrated Optical Transceivers, A. Ribeiro, IST/IT, Portugal

    11:10 Rigorous Analysis of the Impact of Multisource Crosstalk in a NxN Benes Optical Switch, L. Cancela, J. Pires, IST/IT, Portugal

    11:30 Influence of Fiber Nonlinearity on Noise Transmission in IM/DD Repeaterless System with Optical Post - and Pre-Amplifiers, J. Morgado, A. Cartaxo, IST/IT, Portugal

    11:50 5 to 10 GHz Tunable Self-Pulsation in a DFB-MQW Laser, P. Tavares, O. Frazão, A. Cunha,UA/IT, L. Ribeiro, UM, J. Rocha, UA/IT, Portugal

    12:10 On Modelling Thermal Effects in Semiconductor Lasers Used in Communication Systems, R. Ribeiro, J. Rocha,UA/IT, Portugal

  • Session FM3
    Room: Veronica

    Topic: Power Electronics

  • Chairpersons: J. Costa, ENIDH, M. Lança, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 10:50 Smart Power ICs Fast Prototyping for Portable Telecommunications, A. Casimiro, IT, Portugal, S. Finco, FCTI, Brazil, P. Tavares, IT, Portugal, F. Behrens, PUCCAM, C. Mammana, FCTI, Brazil, M. Simas, IST/IT, Portugal

    11:10 New NMOS Device for Low Cost Smart Power Integration, P. Santos, A. Casimiro, M. Simas, M. Lança, IST/IT,Portugal

    11:30 Novel Active Power Filter Topology, F. Lima, A. Anunciada, IST/IT, Portugal

    11:50 Single-Phase Power Factor Correction Converter, J. Dias, L. Barata, B. Borges, A. Anunciada, IST/IT, Portugal

  • Session FM4
    Room: Ballroom

  • Topic: Broadband Networks and Multimedia
  • Chairpersons: A. Casaca, IST/INESC, C. Belo, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 10:50 Provision of Broadband Multimedia Services: ACTS R&D Work for the "Highway" in the Last Mile, C. Pires, A. Albuquerque, DGXIII.F, EC, Belgium

    11:10 RIA ATM OS, a TINA Based ATM Network Management System, P. Pereira, IT, L. Silva, CET/PT, Portugal

    11:30 Proposal for a Real Distributed Network Management Architecture, F. Fontes, J. Bastos, CET/PT, Portugal, T. Miguel, A. Azcorra, UPM, Spain

    11:50 A Conference Control Service Based on the CORBA Event Service, J. Orvalho, T. Andrade, F. Boavida, FCTUC,Portugal

    12:10 Native ATM Videoconferencing Based on H.323, R. Rodrigues, A. Grilo, M. Santos, M. S. Nunes, INESC,Portugal

  • Session FA1
    Room: Melissa

    Topic: Channel Coding

  • Chairpersons: N. Esteves, IST/CAPS, F. Cercas, IST/IT, Portugal
  • 14:30 Performance Results for TCH Codes Using Efficient Simulation, P. Sebastião, F. Cercas, A. Cartaxo ,IST/IT,Portugal

    14:50 Performance Analysis of TCH Codes and other New PN Even Balanced (PN-EB) Codes Suitable for High Processing Gain DS-SS Systems, J. Inácio, ENIDH/INESC, F. Cercas, IST/IT, J. Gerald, M. Ortigueira,IST/INESC,Portugal

    15:10 Design of Spread Spectrum Sequences Using Algebraic Geometric Codes, G. Silva, Escola Técnica Federal Rio Grande do Norte, F. Assis, Univ. Federal Paraíba, Brazil

    15:30 Decoding Algorithm for Reed-Solomon Codes Using the Method of Groebner Basis, L. Lima, F. Assis, Univ. Federal Paraíba, Brazil

  • Session FA2
    Room: Valeriana

    Topic: Optical Transmission Systems

  • Chairpersons: C. Lomba, ENT, H. A. Silva, FCTUC/IT, Portugal
  • 14:30 Cross-Phase Modulation in Intensity Modulation - Direct Detection WDM Systems with Multiple Fibre Spans, A. Cartaxo, IST/IT, Portugal

    14:50 Influence of Fibre Dispersion on the Performance of Optical Fibre Code Division Multiple Access Systems, P. Mendes, IP Castelo Branco, H. A. Silva, FCTUC/IT, Portugal

    15:10 Time Analysis of Distributed Restoration Applied to WDM Networks, J. M. Santos, T. Almeida,CET/PT, Portugal

    15:30 Towards WDM Based Transport Networks, PT Network Evolution - a Case Study, T. Almeida, CET/PT, Portugal

    15:50 CATV and Satellite Television Optical Fibre Link, M. R. Santos, G. Andrade, J. Pedro, J. Neves, UA/IT,Portugal

    Session FA3
    Room: Veronica

    Topic: Speech Processing and Receiver Systems

  • Chairpersons: I. Trancoso, IST/INESC, L. Sá, FCTUC/IT, Portugal
  • 14:30 Building Acoustic Patterns for Speaker Recognition through a Self-Organizing Algorithm, F. Madeiro, J. Fechine, B. Neto, M. Alencar, Univ. Federal Paraíba, Brazil

    14:50 Phonetic Vocoding, C. Ribeiro, ISEL/INESC, I. Trancoso, IST/INESC, Portugal

    15:10 Digit Recognition Using the SPEECHDAT Corpus, F. Rodrigues, I. Trancoso, IST/INESC, Portugal

    15:30 Direction of Arrival Estimation for CDMA Signals by Using the EM-Algorithm, R. Zelenovsky, IME, M. Grivet, CET/PUC,Brazil

    15:50 Neural Diversity Receiver for Mobile Satellite Communications, P. Coelho, Univ. do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Session FA4
    Room: Ballroom

    Topic: Network Technologies

  • Chairpersons: P. Pinto, UNL, R. Valadas, UA/IT, Portugal
  • 14:30 Scalability Issues in Telecommunications Services, L. Bernardo, D. Crespo, A. Marques, IST/INESC, P. Pinto, UNL, Portugal

    14:50 Technology Integration for EXPO-ACTS: Pratical Experiments and Results, F. Fontes, I. Borges, J. Loureiro, A. Bastos, J. Domingues, CET/PT, Portugal

    15:10 Laboratory Experiments for Teaching Routing in Telecommunications Networks, R. Valadas, P. Ferreira, C. Lopes, A. Oliveira, UA, Portugal

    15:30 Rerouting Strategies in Self-Healing ATM Network, S. Ashraf, C. Lac, INT, France

    15:50 Congestion Control: Evaluation of Binary Schemes, A. Almeida, C. Belo, IST/IT, Portugal

  • Poster Sessions
    Room: Ballroom

    Thursday, April 15, 12:05 - 13:15

    Friday, April 16, 12:30 - 13:15

  • PS-01 Antenna for Mobile Terminal for the 1.91 to 2.2 GHz Band, P. Pinho, J. R. Pereira, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-02 Microstrip Path Antenna Array for GSM 1800, C. Rodrigues, L. Garcia, C. Peixeiro, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-03 A New Broadband Printed Antenna Element for Endfire Radiation, M. Rodrigo, UP of Valencia, Spain, C. Fernandes, IST/IT,Portugal

    PS-04 Antenna Configuration for Broadband Cellular Coverage, J. Fernandes, Arlindo Marques, J. Garcia,UA/IT,Portugal

    PS-05 Assessment of Propagation Models in Irregular Urban Microcells for GSM 900, A. Claro, J. Ferreira, L. Correia, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-06 Implementation of a Propagation Model for Indoor Environments for GSM, A. Domingues, L. Correia,IST/IT,Portugal

    PS-07 Co-Siting Criteria for Wind Turbine Generators and VHF/UHF Transmitter Antennas, C. Salema, C. Fernandes, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-08 Similarities Between Circular and Square Dielectric Waveguides, C. Salema, C. Fernandes, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-09 Leaky Modes in Anisotropic Planar Structures with Application to LiNbO3 Waveguides, A. Topa, C. Paiva, A. Barbosa, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-10 Automatic Capacitance Measurement System, M. Silva, A. Serra, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-11 A MMIC Image Rejection Up Converter, J. Torres, ISEL/IT, J. Freire, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-12 An All Digital Stereo FM Transmitter, H. Miranda, INESC, V. Alves, T. Pinto, A. Fernandes, F. Araújo, FEUP/INESC, Portugal

    PS-13 DECT for Wireless PABX Applications, P. Corrêa, TELECEL, J. Noites, SIEMENS-Matsushita, A. Muchaxo, INESC, H. Sarmento, IST/INESC, Portugal

    PS-14 PCI Bus Interface Card for Communication at 2 Mbps, M. Silveirinha, J. Simões, FCTUC, M. Veríssimo, CET/PT, E. Martins, L. Sá,FCTUC/IT, Portugal

    PS-15 An Efficient Transport System for Mixed Synchronous and Asynchronous Traffic, D. Marques, IT, R. Aguiar, UA/IT, C. Lomba, ENT,Portugal

    PS-16 Modified RF Lumped and Transversal Filter, K. Tam, Univ. Macau, J. Vinagre, B. Gomes, IST, J. Freire, IST/IT, P. Vitor, IST, R. Martins, Univ. Macau, Portugal

    PS-17 Modelling and Applying Wire Bond Interconnections, H. J. Silva, F. Fortes, ISEL/IT, M. Rosário, C. Peixeiro, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-18 Gain Compression or Expansion, Distortion and Other Large Signal Power Amplifier Related Phenomena, N. Carvalho, J. Pedro, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-19 A Very Fast and Efficient Computation Method for Nonlinear Distortion on Uniformly Discretized Spectra,J. Pedro, N. Carvalho, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-20 Intermodulation Distortion Prediction in Mesfet Switches and Attenuators, J. A. Garcia, R. Garcia, Univ. of Cantabria, Spain, J. Pedro, N. Carvalho, UA/IT, Portugal, A. Mediavilla, A. Tazón, Univ. of Cantabria, Spain

    PS-21 Impact of WDM Induced Jitter on Soliton Transmission Systems, A. Teixeira, J. Rocha, R. Ribeiro,UA/IT,Portugal

    PS-22 Strategies for Inter - Satellite Optical Communications, A. Sousa, J. Rocha, R. Ribeiro, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-23 Frequency Noise Transmission Over Nonlinear Dispersive Singlemode Fibres at Zero-Dispersion Wavelength, J. Morgado, A. Cartaxo, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-24 Relative Intensity Noise Induced by Fibre Dispersion at Zero-Dispersion Wavelength in Nonlinear Dispersive Singlemode Fibres, J. Morgado, A. Cartaxo, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-25 First Results on Dispersion Supported Transmission Performance Improvement Achieved by Using Transversal Filters, A. Cartaxo, J. Nunes, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-26 Bit Synchronizer Operating at Half Rate, A. Reis, J. Rocha, A. Gameiro, UA/IT, J. Carvalho, UBI, Portugal

    PS-27 Pratical Synchronization of Optical 10Gbps Soliton Streams, P. Tavares, O. Frazão, UA/IT, A. Cunha, UA, L. Ribeiro, UM, J. Rocha, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-28 Dynamic Acousto-Optic Filters for Gain Flattening of Optical Amplifiers, C. Alegria, R. Feced, M. Zervas, R. Laming, Univ. of Southampton, United Kingdom

    PS-29 Extraction of DFB Laser Rate Equations Parameters for Optical Simulation Purposes, P. André, A. Pinto, J. Pinto, J. Rocha, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-30 The Effect of Temperature on the Light- Current Characteristics of InGaAsP Quantum Well Lasers, J. T. Pereira, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-31 Optical Filters for Nx20 Gbit/s WDM Dispersion Supported Transmission Systems, M. Lima, A. Teixeira, J. Rocha, R. Ribeiro, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-32 Modelling Multimode Interference Devices, P. Almeida, A. Ribeiro, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-33 Modelling and Simulation of Passive Optical Devices, J. Reis, H. A. Silva, FCTUC/IT, Portugal

    PS-34 An Optical Digital Loop Carrier System, C. Costa, IST, T. Silva, INESC, H. Sato, NEC, Portugal

    PS-35 Implementation and Performance Testing of an 802.11 Wireless LAN, J. Pagaime, P. Clemente, R. Rocha,IST,Portugal

    PS-36 Redesigning Telecommunication Networks: An Architecture for the New Broadband Services, J. Firmeza,CET/PT, Portugal

    PS-37 Telematic Transmission System in Highways, J. Salgado, J. Gonçalves, P. Cheia, T. Sousa, CET/PT, Portugal

    PS-38 Security in a Distributed System, C. Coimbra, CET/PT, J. Martins, J. Rafael, UA, Portugal

    PS-39 An Operating System for Heterogeneous SPC Exchanges Based on SNMP, K. Santos, M. Alencar, J. Moura,Univ. Federal Paraíba, Brazil

    PS-40 Protection of Intellectual Proprietary Rights over Open Networks, C. Serrão, J. Guimarães,ISCTE/ADETTI,Portugal

    PS-41 Assessment of Blocking Performance in WDM Networks with Wavelength Interchange, M. Freire, UBI/IT, H. A. Silva, FCTUC/IT, Portugal

    PS-42 A CIF Based System for Wireless Access to an ATM Network, Pedro Silva, Paulo Silva, A. Grilo, INESC, M. S. Nunes, IST/INESC, Portugal

    PS-43 Measuring Quality of Service in Packet Networks, G. Quadros, E. Monteiro, F. Boavida, FCTUC,Portugal

    PS-44 High Availability Solution for Inteligent Network Based Services, C. Moura, G. Amaro, A. Lavrador,CET/PT,Portugal

    PS-45 Deployment of Services Based on TINA Architecture, P. Rocha, R. Machado, P. Loureiro, IT, T. Mota, CET/PT,Portugal

    PS-46 The TOBA System, J. Mota, J. Pias, CET/PT, Portugal

    PS-47 An Open Approach for Conditional Access to Multimedia Services, J. Guimarães, ISCTE/ADETTI, Portugal

    PS-48 PCBAT 34 - A PC Based ATM Terminal, R. M. Martins, INESC, M. S. Nunes, IST/INESC, Portugal

    PS-49 Simulation of a DMT System for the Return Channel in CATV Networks, A. Armada, Univ. Carlos III, C. Mena, M. Ramón, ETSIT/UPM, Spain

    PS-50 Using Mobile Agents for the Management of Telecommunication Networks, L. Silva, P. Simões, J. G. Silva, FCTUC, J. Boavida, P. Monteiro, J. Rebhan, C. Renato, L. Almeida, R. Sthoer, Siemens, Portugal

    PS-51 Distance Learning in PT, A. Santos, CET/PT, Portugal

    PS-52 Telecommunications Integrated Training, V. Ramos, R. Sá, CET/PT, Portugal

    PS-53 Real Time Transcription of Sung Melodies, C. Monteiro, A. Serra, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-54 Designing Codebooks for Speech Compression through a Neural Network Algorithm, F. Madeiro, R. Vilar, B. Neto, F. Assis, Univ. Federal Paraíba, Brazil

    PS-55 A Noise Suppression Technique Using an Auditory Model, F. Perdigão, L. Sá, FCTUC/IT, Portugal

    PS-56 Underwater Video Compression Based on Gabor Filters, J. Barbosa, V. Barroso, IST/ISR, Portugal

    PS-57 Blind Source Separation Using Eigen-Decomposition Methods, A. Tomé, UA, Portugal, J. Príncipe, Univ. of Florida – Gainesville, USA

    PS-58 SAR Simulation in a Scene Containing Moving Targets, P. A. Marques, ISEL, J. B. Dias, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-59 Rejection of Outliers in Global Motion Estimation,P. Correia, IST/IT, Portugal

    PS-60 On the Performance of Low Bitrate Software Video Codecs on TCP/IP Based Networks, J. Isidro, L. Coelho, L. Sousa, K. Ferreira, IST/INESC,Portugal

    PS-61 General Geometric Transform for Video Compression, N. Rodrigues, IP Leiria/IT, V. Silva, IT, S. Faria, IP Leiria/IT, Portugal

    PS-62Precoder Circuit for Channels with Multipath Dispersion, P. Silva, A. Gameiro, A. Navarro, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-63 Flexible Framing Circuit for a Wide-Band Radio System, P. Silva, P. Ribau, A. Gameiro, A. Navarro, UA/IT,Portugal

    PS-64 Capacity of Modulation Methods for Infrared WLAN's, R. Alves, IT, A. Gameiro, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-65 Simulations Using the Ptolemy Simulator with Educational Applications, G. Silva, Escola Técnica Federeal Rio Grande do Norte, F. Assis, Univ. Federal Paraíba, Brazil

    PS-66 Design and Implementation of a Satellite TV Channels Alocation Unit, M. R. Santos, UA/IT, G. Andrade, R. Madureira, OPTIMUS, J. Pedro, J. Neves, UA/IT, Portugal

    PS-67 Design and Implementation of a Satellite TV Channels Distribution System Based on Selective IF, M. R. Santos, UA/IT, G. Andrade, R. Madureira, OPTIMUS, João Ferreira, J. Couto, TEKA, A. Rocha, J. Neves, UA/IT,Portugal