International Conference on Media Futures

Florence, IT - 8-9 May 2001

 Aims and Scope

The last few years have seen the technologies of media digitisation, inexpensive processing power, standard forms of programmatic content and delivery of information in digital form taking hold. The spreading like wild fire of such phenomena like digital television, MP3, the World Wide Web and end-user file sharing has triggered the development of technologies to search for content, highlighted the importance of such technologies as content management and protection and triggered the long-awaited rush to provide interactive broadband to the end user. The interaction of the individual technologies enhance their innovation potential and more changes are bound to happen because of the many unexpected ways the different technologies will interact.

This conference will provide a forum where different propositions of Media Futures enabled by the evolution of existing technologies and new technologies can be assessed. Paper are solicited that discuss the nature of such technologies, the interaction potential with other technologies and their impact, particularly as far as the synergistic or antagonistic nature with existing business models or the potential to create opportunities for new such models is concerned. 


  1. Content production ·       

  2. Content management and protection ·       

  3. Content provisioning ·       

  4. Access technologies ·       

  5. Distribution technologies ·       

  6. Protocols ·       

  7. The value network ·       

  8. Consumer terminals and appliances ·       

  9. Content consumption ·       

  10. Social aspects ·       

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 Important dates and further information

30 April 2000

First Call for Papers

30 June 2000

Second Call for Papers

31 October 2000

Abstracts received

15 January 2001

Notification of acceptance issued

01 March 2001

Camera ready copy received




DAY 1 – 8 May 2001 (Tuesday)

Flow A

Flow B

Flow C

8:30 Opening of the Conference by Leonardo Chiariglione

8:30 Keynote Speech

Chairman: Leonardo Chiariglione

Adding value with digital media ? by Paul Kafno

9:20 Regular Session 1 (5 x 20 min)


Topic: Virtual Reality Environments

9:20 Special Session 1 (4 x 25 min)

Chairman: Charles Sandbank

Topic: Electronic Cinema

9:20 Poster Session A (all day)

Topic: Multimedia Applications

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Special Session 2 (4 x 25 min):

Chairman: Jean-Claude Dufourd

Topic: Multimedia Authoring Tools

11:20 Regular Session 2 (5 x 20 min)


Topic: Digital TV


13:00 Lunch Break

14:15 Panel discussion

Chairman: Andrew Lippman

Topic: Peer-to-peer Media

15:45 Coffee Break

16:00 Regular Session 3 (5 x 20 min)


Topic: Broadcasting & Internet

16:00 Special Session 3 (5 x 25 min)

Chairman: Franc Kozamernik

Topic: Mobile Multimedia


17:40 Closing day 1

18:05 Closing day 1


DAY 2 – 9 May 2001 (Wednesday)

Flow A

Flow B

Flow C

8:30 Keynote Speech:


DVB MHP  by Georg Luetteke

9:20 Special Session 4 (4 x 25 min)

Chairman: Weiping Li

Topic: Streaming Technologies

9:20 Special Session 5 (4 x 25 min)

Chairman: Talal Shamoon

Topic: Digital Rights Management

9:20 Poster Session B (all day)

Topic: Multimedia Technologies

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Regular Session 4 (5 x 20 min)


Topic: Content description

11:20 Special Session 6 (4 x 25 min):

Chairman: Olivier Avaro

Topic: The Role of Content Sharing Protocols in the Future of Media


13:00 Lunch Break

14:15 Panel discussion

Chairman: Albhy Galuten

Topic: Rights Peering … Not Bits

15:45 Coffee Break

16.00 Regular Session 5 (5 x 20 min)


Topic: Content Management & Protection

16.00 Special Session 7 (4 x 25 min)

Chairman: René Geys

DSL beyond High Speed Internet Access


17:40 Closing day 2

17:40 Closing day 2